Desember 31, 2011 Oleh Heryan Tony 1

Crowd Control Properties

In public area it was necessary to put everything in control. The crowd control was only part of the properties that was put in public place. This crowd control was meant to make people stay out from the area they were not allowed to and also to make them always in the area that was allowed or maybe to make them in line.

There are many types of crowd control that people can find in the market. The stanchions can work as public guidance in the public area. The stanchion was connected to each other using different material such as velvet rope or maybe chains. This type of crowd control can be used anywhere such as parking lot, restaurant, night clubs and other place. The material for the stanchions can be made from wood, plastic, and other material.

There is also another type of crowd control that can be used in public area such as barricades. This is rigid barriers that can control the crowd that available in many types according people need. The choice for crowd control comes from many different brands, material, color, that can be different according to the purpose such as for entertainment area, safety purpose and others.