April 29, 2011 Oleh Heryan Tony 0

The Biggest Wedding of the Century

Wedding took place on 29th April 2011, Friday’s wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton may not have ushered in a new dawn for the frayed royal family or brought a renewed era of optimism to a country beset by financial woes, as some predicted in the overheated countdown to the big day. But it proved that the British still know how to combine pageantry, solemnity and romance (and wild hats) better than anyone else in the world.

In London, a million people lined the route of the royal procession, and half a million gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to watch the bride and groom, now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, kiss (twice) on the palace balcony. And millions of eyes from around the world focused to them. Hopefully prince and his wife can live happily all the time.

Kate Middleton & Prince William