Desember 13, 2010 Oleh Heryan Tony 3

Running with Pedometers

In order to have strong bones, you have to consume enough calcium and walk at least 10.000 steps in a day. How you can measure that you have walked 10.000 steps in a day? You can use your pedometer.

You can install small pedometer on your waist or upper thigh. When you walk 3 steps, your pedometer will add 3. It is comfortable to be used anywhere since it is light and small. You can measure how many steps during in the office, walking from home to office and so on. You can also use it when you run in the morning. Running is a great exercise to reduce your fat and burn calories. Pedometers will show your achievement in a day. For instance you have run 800 steps yesterday and you can run 10.000 steps today, so you have achieved 200 more steps than yesterday. Don’t forget to do enough water to avoid dehydration. When running with pedometer, you will have more motivation to achieve more steps.

Running Shoes take important factor to make you happy when running. Buy good running shoes that will not hurt your feet. Don’t forget to wear socks to avoid blister. All you can get with affordable price in uk.